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SEPTEMBER 16, 2020




WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Global Citizen Collective is proud to announce the appointment of Daniela Londono as Global Citizen’s Miss. A proud Latina born in Medellín, Colombia, Londono came to the United States with her family hoping to find a new path in my life that would lead to success and allow her to achieve her goals. She worked as a housekeeper for several years to fund her education and learn English as a second language. She overcame many obstacles to become a successful entrepreneur.

Today Londono serves as owner of Karma Fashions, a boutique clothing store in Atlanta, Georgia. She had the honor of showcasing her business during Cartagena Fashion Week in Colombia. She works tirelessly to build her brand, while creating opportunities for others and giving back in a major way. She focuses on fair trade to support economic growth and job opportunities in her home country of Colombia. She loves helping women and she believes fair trade is making a positive impact on the world. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Londono was named one of 50 most beautiful Atlantans of 2019 by Jezebel Magazine. She served as a cover model for Mujer Magazine, as well as personal stylist for the magazine’s annual fashion show.

As Global Citizen’s Miss, Londono will spend the next year representing The Global Citizen Collective and serving as a change champion for the organization’s Collective Good initiative which aims to increase awareness and inspire action through education and advocacy of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She will mentor other Ambassadors and extend the reach of the SDGs to a unique audience of compassionate leaders through the Collective Good initiative and the organization’s Global Citizen Pageants program.

The “Global Citizen Pageants” serve as a change agent by appointing male and female Ambassadors to serve in each country. Ambassadors champion global citizenship guided by the United Nations’ SDGs. The annual pageant produces an International Ambassador to global issues worldwide. The Global Citizen Collective will host its first annual Global Citizen USA Pageant virtually October 10, 2020, with the international Global Citizen Pageant scheduled for September 2021.  


The Global Citizen Collective is a socially responsible, international nonprofit promoting knowledge and awareness of global citizenship. Its mission is to inspire active global citizens who create a more equal, fair, and sustainable planet. 

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