Ambassadors in all divisions are required to participate in the Citizen's Choice giving campaign. 


Terms & Conditions of the Citizen's Choice Giving Campaign​

The Citizen's Choice giving campaign is optional and does not affect overall scoring. The campaign ends the night prior to the international pageant. The Citizen's Choice winner in each division is determined by the highest dollar amount contributed in that division. 

Minimum contribution is $10. There is no maximum. To give more than $10, a donor should choose multiple quantities to equal the amount he/she intends to give. Gifts are accepted by Paypal or Credit Card. 

Donation amounts and donor names are not revealed to the public; however the organization may choose to reveal the ranking of Citizen's Choice giving and the total amounts during and after the giving campaign.

If a donor would like to notify the candidate of her gift, he or she should independently contact the candidate.

The Global Citizen Collective is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All funds raised through the Citizen's Choice campaign will be used to support international travel efforts to promote knowledge and awareness of global citizenship and global issues.​ To request documentation, please email the organization.

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